A simple and effective way to treat liquid hazardous waste in remote locations

Do you have problems taking care of your liquid hazardous waste?

Is it difficult to transport it to a recycling center?

Are you hesitant to pour it out in a ditch?

 Then you need a Minievaporator!





CleanTech Lund has developed a new, effective and self-supporting small evaporator which can remove hazardous substances from various water solutions. The only requirements to operate a Minievaporator is a 220V power supply and cold water supply. Reduces the volume of the hazardous waste by up to 99 %. The Minievaporator can treat around 75 liters of polluted water per day, and utilizes CleanTech Lund´s patented “zero concentrate technology”. The Minievaporator operates with a heating pump which results in a low energy use. The machine is CE-certified.

The Minievaporator is especially useful in remote locations where there is limited space for the evaporator and the liquid hazardous waste. Another advantage is that it requires only minimal human work.

Today, it is not acceptable to just pour out the waste in a nearby ditch!

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The Minievaporator provides effective purification of hazardous waste in remote locations

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